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Me - Luca Lancieri Photo

The difference between a beautiful photograph and a very good photograph, that’s all.

I tell stories with my cameras, I want you to move while you looking at my photographs, that’s all.

I am a fifty childish one addicted to beauty and I found beauty everywhere.


A freelance photographer and writer based in Potenza, South Italy.

Every year since 2012, in the first week of June, I managed The Maratea Photo Tour.



E Che Ve Lo Dico A Fare, Edizioni STES, 2011.

C’Era Una Volta…e che ve lo racconto a fare gli alberi non crescono in mezzo al mare, EditricErmes, 2013.

Bellezza E Il Suo Segreto, Città Del Sole Edizioni, 2014.


I will be happy to make your event an everlasting one with a little journey through the beauty of your emotions with your dearest one.